Once upon a time there was a girl named Autumn who had an affinity for the ‘ber‘ months, that is to say October, November and December. She liked the clean, crisp air those months brought with them, and the sense of comfort and well-being that seemed to root itself into her very soul during the colder months. She enjoyed the hygge life: one of coziness, contentment and comfort. And so in the depths of summer, when she was caught in the trenches of a heatwave, she would blog about autumn and winter, dreaming of days where she could swathe herself in cozy sweaters, and enjoy oversized mugs of coffee and tea without sweating buckets. Of snuggling up with a good book on a rainy evening, and decorating for the holidays. Of cozy pubs with roaring fires, and snow falling like icing sugar over the drab concrete and rooftops.

Then one day, in the midst of summer, Autumn decided to do some online shopping in hopes of finding herself some spiffy autumnal-themed apparel and (of course!) mugs, but she came up short. Aside from some t-shirts featuring quotes, there wasn’t much in the way of cute designs that suited her particular style. So she went searching for artists who created cute illustrations, and she purchased some artwork and made her own shirts, mugs, and even some stickers to decorate her notebooks with. Not wanting to be greedy—and understanding the struggle to find cute and cozy garb—she decided to license some artwork and work alongside her husband to create original art and opened a cozy shop for her fellow hygge life lovers.

And everyone lived cozily ever after.

The end. (Except not really the end, because we’re just getting started . . .)

autumn cozy clothing